Waterfall Software Development Process

The Waterfall software development methodology is the most widely known and recognised methodologies. We find it is most suitable for projects where the requirements are clearly stated and static, or where it helps to have a rigid management structure. Using the Waterfall software development life cycle, the implementation of the system is preceded by requirements definition, analysis, design and development.


One of the most important tasks in development of a bespoke software solution is gathering and defining the business requirements. Our company undertakes extensive discussions with all the relevant departments in the organisation and defines the business requirement that suits the customer's needs. A clear business requirement initiates the software development process and is instrumental in delivering quality solutions.

Design and Architecture

Design and Architecture is the activity of defining the functional and/or technical definition needed to develop the solution that meets the customer's requirements. Nouveautech ensures that the solution not only satisfies the current business needs, but also supports anticipated future requirements. We also guide our customers to understand the available technologoies and suggest appropriate platforms, servers and software that fit the customer's business.

Development and Coding

The most important part of the software development process is the development or coding of the application that meets the requirements of the customer. This includes designing the user interface (UI), the data store and coding the business rules and algorithms. We ensure that the user interface is intuitive, fits within the culture of the organisation and that the code is well structured for future enhancements and maintainability.

Quality Assurance and Software Testing

At Nouveautech, we understand that quality assurance is an integral part of any software development. In order to ensure the quality of the solution, Nouveautech undertakes extensive testing right through the development and coding, to the implementation phase of the software development process. Our Testing services include:
Unit Testing
Integration Testing
System Testing
Regression Testing
Functional Testing
Performance Testing
Load Testing
Compatibility Testing


We provide deployment scripts and installation instructions as part of the standard delivery of the solution. We provide all necessary assistance during the implementation of the software system. Nouveautech also offers training and support to the users, to shorten the learning curve.

Maintenance and Support

Support and maintenance start after the implementation phase in the software development life-cycle. With technological advancements and changing business needs, software application maintenance becomes an evolving process. On the other hand, continous maintenance is essential to ensure that the software performs at the optimum level.