Software Development

"Bespoke software development" means developing software that is tailored to meet the client's business requirements. Unlike "Commercial, off-the-shelf" applications that change the business process in order to make use of the software functionality, these software solutions are developed to fit into your business environment.

Our bespoke software development services include:

Comprehensive Business Solutions

Client/Server Applications

Distributed Applications

End-to-End Web Based Systems

Component Development

Bespoke Software Development Process

A software development process provides the framework from which a comprehensive plan for software development can be established.

Nouveautech employs two different development strategies:

Waterfall Software Development Process

The Waterfall software development methodology is the most widely known and recognised methodologies. We find it is most suitable for projects where the requirements are clearly stated and static or where it helps to have a rigid management structure. Using the Waterfall software development life cycle, the implementation of the system is preceded by requirements definition, analysis, design and development.

Agile Software Development Process

Agile software development processes are built on the foundation of iterative development. Agile processes use feedback rather than planning, as their primary control mechanism. This software process model recognises that software, like all complex systems, evolves over a period of time.

Over the years, Nouveautech has worked with some highly skilled organisations, we have formed key partnerships to bring the benefit of providing the best team to develop and deliver your solution.

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