Product Development

Nouveautech has been working with a talented team to create a product called Concorde Search.

Over the years organisations and individuals have made a conscious decision to move to a “Paperless” information store. With the reducing cost of computer storage hardware and the increase in capacity of the media, the trend to store data electronically has been increasing exponentially. The usefulness of this data is only realised by the ability to search and retrieve the information of interest. The speed and accuracy of the result from search is critical for any application, whilst the data provided to query the repository cannot be relied on for its correctness.

Significant information uplift can be achieved from using good search technology. Proliferation of information in an enterprise can be across structured and unstructured data sources. The need for extracting key information for comparison, data harmonisation, de-duplication, fraud investigations and testing data quality is greater than ever.

Concorde Search Solution provides the capability of finding the relevant information across your organisation’s disparate information repositories. The software provides a simple and effective interface to search using full-text (fuzzy) search, structured search and analytics. The management functions provide the capability to configure, secure and audit the utilisation of the search engine to meet the goals of the implementation.

Some of the key advantages offered by the Concorde Search product are:
Customisable Fuzzy Text Search Engine that provides a large selection of industry standard Fuzzy search & relevancy scoring algorithms, which can be configured without the need for programming
Offers integration capability using RESTful web service interfaces
Provides HTML5 web based administration functions to customise, configure, operate, tune and monitor the search engine implementation
Off the shelf security integration with LDAP or Active Directory
Offers Multi-Language support
Runtime configuration of weightage and percentage of algorithm contribution per field
Off the shelf dashboards and reporting, monitoring tools to monitor the health of the system and Data administration without the need of IT
Simplified and unified installation process on all platforms, supporting scalable distributed setup

Click here for a copy of the solution white paper document.

We have created a demo application based on the a identity search and match use case. Please contact us if you would like a demonstration of this product. Click here for a copy of the use case document.